Monday, November 16, 2009

To Write Love On Her Arms

Fpund out something very interestin on Fb today.... "To Write Love On Her Arms".... interestin!!!!

This group is found in Fb and is dedicated to those who are depress, addicted, self injury & suicide ppl. very meaning full!

Life is so fragile and nobody deserve to contemplate suicide.

I totally understand it cos there are days when i really feel down and depress, pressure and frustration keep on pushing me. Then i really feel like ending my life & then just vanish like that. I hope to be like the ostrich that can hide my head inside a hole or a bear hibernating in the winter so that i don hav to face all those pressure.

But then I cannot be so selfish! I had my own commitment n responsibility. This will never end cos it will continue to pass to the one i love to carry on my duties. So i decided to Stand up! To Face the fact.

I'm a perfectionist. So i try to accept those un- perfect! I tell myself, life is like a roller-coaster. When u get up u feel very high, but must get down and while u're down u wanna go up. My fren told me this and which is very true... : "You cannot get wat u want, so You get wat u can"

I hope that those ppl who come across wit depression will stand up one day like me.... Love is all around & you are not alone. Stop the bleeding, Accept & Appreciate wat u hav rite now.

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