Thursday, November 12, 2009

Curtin 2004

when i post in my shout out at Fb " wat to blog?!!" Colin comments: blog abt me!!! lol!! all those memories pop back...

Curtin Uni in Miri had all our sweet sweet memories!! I was always named by Colin " the walking Chimney" as I always smoke during breaks and as wat i call my smoke break: " Charge battery" lol... I bet we're the most popular class in that yr as I the OLDEST one will always start giving headache to our lecturers! We talk back to our lecturers, making friend with them so i bet most of them are impress... We even hav party at one our lecturer's house.

We hav lot's of parties, outing, watching movies. We'll always had steam boat BBQ when someone's birthday. Even there's no occasion we're also have parties at Simon/ Kok Ye/ Zai zai/ Colin's house. Then we'll play truth or dare which is just some silly truth or dare game. always ppl will take the dare and our silly task will be like sweeping the neighbor path/kissing some gals/ call someone to say I LOve You... duh!!! silly isn't it!! Then we drink and drunk and disturbing our neighbor who is also our Uni-mates ler lol!!!

Sometimes we go to watch movies together. I remember one time when we watch the " Six Strong guy"at the cinema. When half way we watch some smoke come out and then everyone were shock thought wat happen. Later found out there's some stupid guy smoke in front of us =S

Another thing wat we always enjoy to do... Ka-ra-OKing lol... When everyone was trying to get a hold wit the Mic!! Trying to become Singer of the night!!!

Hm... now i remember!! I am always the driver... sending everyone back to Senadin!!duh!!!

Now after 5 yrs everything had change.... I miss u all guys... I don wan to name u all one by one cos i scared i've miss anyone of ur names...

All i wanna say : Take care PPL you know who you are.... really miss all the time we had together. For each petal on the shamrock this brings a wish your way. Good health, good luck, and happiness for today and every day.

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