Sunday, September 26, 2010


I just learn that there's a chemicals call Parabens commonly use as preservative in Shampoo & skin care products. Parabens are also been found in high concentrations in Breast Cancer Tumors!!

So i quickly go to my bath room n chk out all my shampoos & Luckily i hav all paraben - free products :

but then i found Paraben @ my Hand cream... This cream to said can be apply to body & Face :(

sigh!!! Wat hav happen to this world? Everything anything also can created cancer. The other day i read the news saying that this old lady getting cancer from inhaling too much fragrance of a cloth's softener. Like most of the people who do not hav a balcony so she dry her cloths inside her living room. For a long term inhaling those fragrance pass out from the softener, she get cancer... :((

we cannot blame god for this cos we human create all this cos we are too demanding :P if we are just as simple as the stone age then no much disease/virus can we get...

so wat shall we do now? Just clean wit plan water... that's all...

oh? should i do that? no :P i still wanna smell good hahahah!

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