Friday, October 16, 2009

dear dad~

This is a story abt a dad receive a letter from his son:

Dear dad,

I'm writing this letter to you in a very very sad and bad mood. First of all, I wan to thank you for this 15 yrs and I will always Remember. I was force to run-away wit Ahwen. I runaway without saying goodbye is because I don want to argue wit you. Hence I hope you do understand. I really love Ahwen. Even you dislike the stud on her tongue and her nose, the tattoo on her butt, but this is wat we call fad nowadays. You and mum will never understand.

You all dislike her, Ahwen say never mind, she will forgive you. Our love is not only abt sex but also abt feeling. Althougt she is Older than me but she say she don mind and hope that we'll love each other forever.

Ahwen is pregnant wit my baby. And you are going to become a grandfather. She say she will not do abortion and will give birth to more of our babies.

Pls do not worry abt our allowance. we'll grow lot's of marijuana and exchange cocaine wit our frenz. This will help hers reduce her pain. Hopefully one day her AIDS will be cured.

Your Son,

P/s: Dad, wat I write above is not true. Don't worry. Now i'm playing online games wit my fren at his house. No girl friend and No drinking. I just wanna remind you that in this world worst thing will happen. Pls open my drawer and look at my reposrt card. The result is very bad. Pls forgive.... or maybe if you are not angry anymore pls call my HP and ask me to come back for dinner ...


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