Sunday, October 18, 2009


A chatter of mine is getting divorce. I don know why... since he is so unhappy wit his marriage, he choose to end it but in the end he still unhappy. While we chat he Get mad at me saying to me "don be an smart arsh"

ok i say i don understand and maybe i don know....

Why A relationship for so long will hav to end up like this. Not that i never had a HUGE argument wit my hubby, but whenever a big fight is going to fight, anyone of us should leave the place so that nothing worst is going put of our mouth to hurt the others.

Why will a relationship turn sour? Because both ppl are not working hard enough to save it. I'm not being an smart arsh. I just don't understand since ppl are getting a divorce why they had to get married in the first place, vow for staying wit the other half no matter wat.

I really believe there's eternity love. But eternity love maybe only happens in the movie, or probably 3 out of every 10 couples. the rest most probably is become a habit.... a habit just to stay wit each other...

i ever read a joke:

B4 married, a boy fren will always bring the gal to watch movie. They will always sit on the couple sit which cost the tickets abt $10. After married, they will still go to watch movie and this time the couple will just only take for the Normal sit cost abt $7. But after having babies, they'll buy Pirated DVD $3.00 and watch at home.

Funny isn't it? But thats true and thats how the situation is. So we cannot blame anyone for the relationship turn sour, wife become too nagging, money always not enough. Before ur salaries is $2k per month, after married still B$2k... After havin kids probably u're salary raise to $3k but do u think all this will be enough?

Life is like a roller-coaster... everyone will always be in a nigeria symptom.... I'll just tell myself. Be patient, don worry, everything's gonna be ok cos thats not the worst of all worst...

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