Thursday, October 22, 2009


Today i heard from the Radio, the DJ says... Stress is one of the routine of our daily's life. I think that stress is not given by other thing's / anyone, it's given by own's self. Everyone has their own desire and need. If one cannot achieve it or getting it we'll be start giving ourself pressure and this is how stress come from.

I totally understand that why ppl committed suicide. This is because the pain inside the heart and soul is so hurt that makes the brain feel so numb. All those hurts can be given by other ppl or one self.

It's always eazy to say relax, don worry be happy, don think too much. But yet how many ppl hav did it? How many ppl really understand that " stressed is desserts spell backwards??"

Now i try to clear my mind for everything. Just like my hubby say: " every things happen for a reason, so now wat we need to do is just be patience..."

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