Sunday, April 22, 2012

Going to West Malaysia - Day 2 (14th Apr 2012) Part 1

The hotel we stay in Kuala Lumpur was Sg. Wang Hotel. From the look of the picture in the internet it is very nice and cheap which cost us about RM118 nett per night. When I saw the room they gave us, I was so shock : - No Window?! It seems like a cabinet with a bathroom more than like a hotel room -_-" Oh well, what can I expect? It is really cheap.

The 1st day I had so much fun meeting all those net friends around Malaysia, then we had some drinking session and  we went back to the Sg Wang hotel at about 5am. Since it was very late, we let Caith squeeze in the room aka cabinet with us. I can't sleep because I felt like sleeping in the closet and after that I need to wake up at 7am and get ready to Pudu Sentral and take our bus to Penang. So I just let my eyes rest for a while and when I open my eyes again it is about 6am. Time to get ready and about 7am, Andrew gave me a call and he said that he will be ready to pick us up for breakfast and sent us to the Pudu Sentral.

We had book our bus tickets one week before the exact date but our net friend Wilson from Penang keep remind us to go to the bus station to double check and make sure again that our tickets are confirm. -_-" Not only that but before we go to KL, we received a lot of warning from our other Malaysia friends. They will keep nagging:
" Be careful of your bag. Please do not bring those branded and big bags"
" Be careful of the Taxi driver, make sure they use meters. "
" Please do not wear short pants in Penang."
Bla bla bla.... 
Then I reply to them : " You all make me appreciate more of my country - Brunei." 

Since it was still early, after we took our bus tickets, Andrew brought us to had some breakfast. Andrew is a really weird guy. 
He wears a pair of over size crocs.

1/3 of Andrew's car's wind shield are covered with weird stickers. -_-" He even had a McD sticker, I wonder will McD give him special discount for that?

Since Andrew joined our drinking session that night too and he went home the same time like we do, he told me that he did not sleep and apparently he wait for 7am so that he could pick us up.... Oh! What a nice "weird" guy!

After we took our bus tickets at the Pudu Sentral and since it is still early we went for a breakfast. ( Sorry, I am not sure the exact location. ) The best chee cheong feng that I had ever tried.

This one is with some fish balls, fish cakes and dried bean curb skin.

After the breakfast, we wave goodbye to Andrew and Caith followed us to the bus station as she need to take the bus to go back to her home town. Finally when we reach our platform, Caith gave us a big hugs and a kiss on our cheeks. Even thought is was so hard to say the word "goodbye", but we knew that there is something waiting at the other side of Goodbye - the memories of friends like Fenny, Caith, Jelly, Andrew, John and Vijay that will always keep me smiling =)

Then in Penang we will be meeting another four new net friends, Wilson, Jerry, Charles and Thad. Jerry and Thad are readers from my blog while I know Wilson and Charles thru Jerry and Facebook.  

Pudu Sentral is a bus station and I heard that it was newly renovate and very clean. 


So we took a 5hrs trip from KL to Penang using Sri Maju Bus. The seats of the bus is very comfortable and much more better than Air asia's seaters. Best of all there is only 8 passengers. 

Image taken from Connie.

Bus stop for 10 minute at Taiping rest stop. 

When we almost reach Penang, Wilson keep on sms me and estimate the time we arrive Butterworth Bus station. When Connie and I reached there we were so surprise that we were being drop off  by some unknown old street.

Then I ask the bus driver, where is the bus station and he said it's at the back of the shop. When I went there it is just an empty field. -_-". So I called Wilson and I told him that we were " abandoned" some place called Bukit Mentajam  in Penang. While we were waiting for Wilson I saw this mamak stall cooking some very strange dish.

I ask him what is that and he mumble some sweet sugar plus coconut. He make it like a Pau at first then make it flat and fried it like Roti Canai. After about a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG 30 minute, finally, Wilson came. 

To be continue....... 


Coffee Girl said...

A trip around Semenanjung and back! wow, havent done that in a loooong while. Enjoy urself dear!

Daddy said...

wow ...interesting adventure..always wanted to do that but now with 2 kids tagging along...i guess I would have to wait another 15 years before I can this done...Looking forward to read more about your adventure ....:)

Venie said...

Coffe girl: thnx

Daddy: Sorry, it took me a long time to continue the stories... =) I will try to finish it asap.