Friday, March 2, 2012

Human's behaviour is sometime like a dog

1st March, my 5th local tour is to guide the visitors from Germany. They came here with a big cruise ship call Aida.

When I saw the cruise ship in the 1st time I was like ' Wow '. It seems like a big giant shark approaching me. Gulp!!! 

I was glad to meet some of the local tour guides who I am very familiar with and of course by which are the 'beginners'. But it is fun to mix with some of the expertise tour guides who have millions of experience with tour guiding and they are very generous to share all their experiences. One of them even tell the stories about how our local Custom Officer treated the tourists in the airport in some countries. Firstly he told us what he seen in Brunei International Airport. A foreigner was having a transit in the airport and she asked the immigration officer if she can go to the money changer  just behind the officer's counter to exchange some money and the officer said yes. When she finish changing her money and just want to go back to where she belong another officer came and scold her saying that she is not suppose to go out without a Brunei stamp in her passport. She did explain that another immigration officer  give her an approval to go out and that officer just don't accept any of  her explanation. There is some argument and it turn out to be a very embarrassing situation for both parties. ( I think) In the end the most embarrassing of all is the Bruneians.The second stories he told us is  what he saw that had happen in Singapore where an immigration officer use a very rude and insulting words to an Indian and this Indian man said to him loud and clear: " Do not humiliate me because I am an Indian, I invest a lot of money to your country every year!" After that the officer keep apologised to him. 

Before we start giving tour, our Boss will give a briefing and he too share a stories that happen few days ago there is another cruise ship came and the health officers arguing with the officers inside the cruise ship. One want to check the body temperature of the tourists another won't allow them to check. In the end both parties had a very bad day. And worst of all is wasting the time of  the tourists inside the ship and the tour guides outside the ship.

In my opinion. I don't see anyone is wrong. Let see this situation in this way: You are going to visit your friend's house. Your friend's dog is barking at you and sometime it might bite you. Your friend is the tourist, the dog is the officer and you are the owner of the country. So who is wrong? No one. It is not that I am insulting the officer is a dog. What I mean is they are just doing their job by trying to protect their countries and hence sometime they are only over do it. We human are all the same. In our own countries, or own home we will speak and talk loudly and hence when we go outside of our home ( or countries) we will speak softly. Just like a dog when it is at it's owner's house it will bark at you fiercely but when it is at other people's house it will not dare to bark so loudly or will even hide itself like an ostrich.

My 1st US Dollars tips. 

Anyway, I had a great day on that day because my guests of eight people are all happy :) 

p/s: There are words better left unsaid and so are feelings better left unexpressed....  


Hayley said...

You work as a tour guide? Wow!

Venie said...

Yes Hayley, I am a Freelance tour guide :)