Friday, February 17, 2012

The Beggar's Bowl.

Picture from : Brooklyn museum 

Yes. The Above picture I post is a beggar's bowl. I found these items at Brunei's Museum. There's a story for these Beggar's Bowl.

Once upon a time, there is an King who met a beggar. He asked the beggar, : " What do you want?" 

The beggar laughed and said. " You are asking me as if you can granted all my desire!"

The King felt offended and he said, " Of course I can. What do you want? Tell me and I will fulfil your wish."

The beggar said, " Are you sure? Is this a promise?"

The King insisted, " Yes I promise to fulfil all your desire."

The beggar then said: " Ok, you see this beggar bowl? My simple desire is for you to fill in something."

The King thought he heard wrong and ask again: " That's it?" The beggar nodded his head. So the King called upon his minister to fill the beggar's bowl with coins but no matter how many bags of gold coin the minister pour in the bowl will never be full.

Soon the King ask the minister to pour in more pearls, diamonds and the kingdom's treasures but the beggar's bowl was still empty and seemed to be bottomless.

The King felt defeated and beg the beggar to leave and before the beggar left the King asked out of curiosity, " What is the beggar bowl made of?"

The beggar laughed and said: " It is made up of human's desire - human's mind."

This understanding transforms life. 

Look at all our desire. What is the influence of our desire to us? Thrill, excitement and feels great when yiu get something that you want. First a car, then a house, a family, more cars, bigger house then second family ( perhaps) and suddenly all this become meaningless. Why?

This is because the human's mind are playing. When the desire is filled, the car, the house, the miney in the bank, all the excitement will be gone. Thus, the emptiness in our heart will start to eat us up and we will start to look for something else to fill it again. In the end we become our own beggar and from desire we give ourselves frustration.

Hence live in a simple life is the most happy thing. We cannot get all of what we desire but I am sure that God will make sure we get what we deserve. 



Small Kucing said...

Good story

Sheoh Yan said...

Thanks for story. A very moral shared here.

Hayley said...

Very interesting story, and very true indeed!

Coffee Girl said...

Nice story. Can i borrow that bowl now? =) looks like a handbag too.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Venie, I guess we humans do have these traits....
Looks like an Alladin's lamp first glance.
Have a nice weekend.

YuinTing said...

Thanks for the good story. I'll share with my kids :-)

Venie said...

Thanks everybody!

Coffee girl: No one can ever guess it write when I ask them. Sure u can borrow the picture ( or stories ) but if you want the bowl.... Sorry, I don't have that :D