Sunday, April 17, 2011

burst out tears when i see the bad comments on my today...

been feeling very down since yesterday when a stupid bitch comments "smart ash" thing. Today a faker comment again. I am not strong like wat i think i am. Then another guy post on the blog to scold that faker, i finally burst out of tears. Only that person stand up for me although there's ard 50-100 readers pass through my blog & he/she's the only one that stand up.

ppl keep PM me to ask me to continue blog & forbid me to quit. But when i've been shot, only one stand up.... How ironic :(

Katy Perry - firework is very motivative. I'll try to keep that in mind.

you don have to feel like a waste of place. you are original, and cannot be replace. If you only know wat the future holds, after a hurricane come the rainbow...

Venie Ho! You can do it! Gambateh!

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